Melbournians, it’s that time again – winter is coming. 

Looking for a new fireplace for your home can be overwhelming when there are so many different types of gas fireplaces on the market!

On-top of choosing whether you would like an indoor or outdoor gas fireplace, there are now other technical features and design customisations to factor in.

Different types of gas fireplaces include:

  • Single-Sided Fireplaces
  • Double-Sided Fireplaces
  • Energy-Efficient Fireplaces
  • Outdoor Fireplaces

Single-Sided Gas Fireplace

When picturing a traditional fireplace for your home, a single-sided fireplace is most likely what comes to mind.

So, what are the benefits of a single-sided gas fireplace? The ease.

You have the power to control your gas fireplace via Smart Heat, which allows you to set timers and change heat settings via your phone – it doesn’t get much easier than that!

Escea’s DF Series also offers a mantel surround, which is constructed out of MDF and can easily be fixed to your fireplace. This allows you to keep the traditional design elements of a single-sided fireplace, while still reaping the benefits of a gas fireplace.

Just Gas Log Fires installs a range of single-sided gas fireplaces, but a couple of the popular models are the Escea DF700 and DF960.

Escea DF700 Gas Fireplace
The Escea DF700 is small, making it the ideal indoor fireplace if you have a smaller living space. Don’t worry, its 5.9kW heat output will still ensure you stay warm.

Whether your new gas fireplace is being installed in a timber-framed cavity or in a brick chimney using flexi-flue extensions, it can be easily installed in a variety of living spaces.

The Escea DF700 uses Direct Vent technology, which draws from outside into its sealed vent. This means, your home is kept free of moisture and fumes. It also has a 5-star efficiency rating, so the gas is actually being converted into heat.

Escea DF690 Gas Fireplace

The Escea DF960 is perfect if you would like a fireplace to admire. Its large 670W X 470H glass window means that you have the best view of the flames possible.

Not only is it beautiful, but this gas fireplace puts out 7.7kW of heat. It also has a 5-star efficiency rating, so the majority of the gas being burnt in the fireplace is actually converted into heat.

The DF960 also uses Direct Vent technology (it draws air from outside the home into its sealed unit), ensuring that your home will be kept free of moisture and fumes.

Double-Sided Gas Fireplaces

Double-sided gas fireplaces are a great option if you are looking for something a bit more energy-efficient, due to their ability to warm two rooms at the same time.

They also act as an amazing feature piece in your home and include our Smart Heat feature control.

At Just Gas Log Fires, we install a range of double-sided gas fireplaces from leading brands. A couple of popular models are the Escea DS1400 and DS1150.

Escea DS1400 Gas Fireplace

The Escea DS1400 is a customer favourite.

It’s sleek design means that you have a bigger glass viewing area (411H x 1359W), so you can enjoy your new gas fireplace from just about anywhere.

This double-sided fireplace really packs a punch. Delivering a huge 9.5kW worth of heat, rest assured that both rooms will be expertly heated, no matter the size.

Due to its Powered Direct Vent Technology, the Escea DS1400 has a 5-star efficiency rating.

Escea DS1150 Gas Fireplace

Like the DS1400, the Escea DS1150 is completely frameless, making it perfect for minimalist home design.

Not only does its sleek design allow you to completely focus on the beauty of the flames, but it’s impressive max heat output of 8.3kW will make sure you stay toasty all winter.

It’s Powered Direct Technology will make sure no unwanted moisture or fumes will be entering your home!

Its 5-star efficiency rating means that whenever you flick your Escea on, you can rest assured that there is no unnecessary energy waste taking place in your home.

Energy-Efficient Gas Fireplaces

During winter, our home heating systems are on more often than not.

That’s why we are seeing increasing popularity for a couple of high-output gas fireplaces with 4.5 – 5-star energy ratings – the Escea DL1100 and DL850. These fireplaces focus on energy efficiency, while still having the ability to heat large living spaces.

A Smart Heat feature is also included with these energy-efficient gas fireplaces. This allows you to set timers, so if you forget to turn it off your fireplace, Smart Heat has you covered.

Escea DL1100 Gas Fireplace

The Escea DL1100 has a 5-star efficiency rating and includes Powered Direct Vent technology – no fumes or moisture will be getting into your home!

It delivers over 10.4kW of heat, so you’ll be warm in even the largest of living rooms.

The DL1100 is also customisable. Whether you prefer the look of logs over black coal, or linear trim over the minimalist frameless look, we’ll have something to suit your own, personal style.

Escea DL850 Gas Fireplace

The Escea DL850 is very similar to the DL1100 – just smaller.

It has a 4.5-star efficiency rating and delivers over 8.5kW worth of heat, making them perfect for a large living area!

We understand the importance of making sure our gas fireplaces suit the design of your home, so you have the ability to customise the Fuelbed and the Fascia.

Outdoor Gas Fireplaces

Whether you’re wanting to be able to entertain throughout the year or you’re just wanting to curl up on your outdoor living set with a good book, outdoor gas fireplaces are a great option for your home. 

One of the most popular outdoor gas fireplaces we install is the Escea EF5000. 

It’s on/off switch also means you won’t have to worry about cleaning up any wood at the end of a long night, and you will simply be able to flick your outdoor gas fireplace off before you head inside.  

Escea EF5000 Gas Fireplace

The Escea EF5000 has a maximum heat output of 16.5kW, so you can rest assured that your guests will stay warm on even the coldest, Melbourne nights.

Its minimalist design means it will be suited to almost every home (and it is easily customisable, so if it’s not, you can make the changes necessary for it to suit).

Experienced Gas Fireplace Installers

So, there are a range of different types of gas fireplaces to choose from. 

Feeling overwhelmed? Still not quite sure what to choose?

At Just Gas Log Fires, we have been installing gas fireplaces throughout Melbourne for over 20 years. Partnered with Stoke Fireplace Studio, we have the ability to help you through the design, planning and installation process.

Call us today or come visit our beautiful showroom, where you can view all our different types of gas fireplaces.

We’d love to chat with you further about how an Escea gas fireplace can work for your space.

If you are looking for inspiration, our fireplace installation showroom in Alphington displays a myriad of high-efficiency gas fireplaces in a contemporary style, complete with furnishing. Make an enquiry today.