Gas Fireplace Brands: Our Product Range

We specialise in installing all the major gas log fireplace brands and models. We work with all the top gas fireplace brands like Escea, Illusion, Rinnai, Real Flame, Jetmaster and Lopi as well as boutique fireplace brands. Discover the most reliant, energy-efficient and design-friendly gas fireplaces in Australia. If you’re in the search for a vent-free or vented gas fireplace to warm up your home and need advice you can trust, talk to one of our experts. We can provide professional advice on which fireplace suits your needs through the different brands and models as well as services in design, installation, maintenance and architectural advice.

Escea gas log fires have been designing and manufacturing fireplaces for 15 years. They provide modern home solutions to keep your home feeling warm and looking impeccably elegant. If you are looking for single-sided and double-sided fireplaces Escea offers contemporary designs and superior functionality such as smart remote controlled units and frameless design.

Escea offers the DX, DS, DF, DL and freestanding series. The Escea design incorporates flexible flue technology ensuring we can install a gas fireplace without an existing chimney or flue. It also allows for versatile placement in your home or commercial property. If you have an Escea gas log fireplace that needs installing or you’re looking for professional advice on one, contact us today.

Modern stone finish Escea gas fireplace.
ilusion gas log fires

Illusion Gas Log Fires is a well-known brand for gas fireplaces in Australia that has been providing superb heaters for over 25 years. Illusion fireplaces in Dandenong offer a wide range of modern gas log models. We have extensive experience in installing Illusion gas fires, pick the model that you prefer and we’ll be able to install it for you.

Modern gas fireplace in contemporary living room

Rinnai gas log fires provide sleek looking fireplaces designed for flexible installation that are highly efficient with varying levels of heat output to accommodate your living space. In addition, Rinnai gas log heaters can easily fit into new homes or existing fireplace areas to replace old heaters. If this suits your needs talk to our experts and we can make it happen.

White contemporary modern room with stone surround gas fire

Jetmaster Fireplaces Australia offers a range of leading gas heaters to suit Australian living. Jetmaster is committed to delivering high-quality long-lasting gas log fireplaces. We provide full-service installations to all gas log models from Jetmaster in Melbourne.

Simplistic gas fire with wooden logs

Real Flame provides great centrepieces for any home, transforming your living space. We can help you look for the right gas fireplace model that suits your home. Talk to a specialist today.

Gas fire in golden living room

Lopi gas fireplaces offer ‘direct vent’ and ‘balanced flue’ gas log fireplaces. Lopi fireplaces are high-quality products that feature some of the latest fireplace technology in the heating industry.

Gas fire with white surrounding mantel

Our experienced team will provide your home with the best installation results that protect the longevity of your gas log fireplace. Our services also include interior alterations that will enhance the performance of your gas log heater. Visit our design & planning service page for more information on how we can provide expert advice for your home.

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