Gas Fireplace Advice for Building & Architecture

Here are Just Gas Log Fires, we can provide gas log fireplace design and installation advice to builders and architects. Our team of experts is here to provide you with valuable insights and recommendations. We can help you make informed decisions when it comes to incorporating a gas fireplace into your architectural plans. Whether you are seeking guidance on installation, design considerations, safety regulations, or energy efficiency, we’ve got you covered. 

Explore our collection of gas fireplace ideas today. Let us assist you in finding the perfect fireplace for your home or commercial space. Our experts can help assist in project planning by providing advice and assistance with initial plans. Trust Just Gas Log Fires for expert fireplace advice that perfectly aligns with your architectural vision. 

Gas Log Fireplace Advice for Residential Homes

Gas log fireplaces are a popular addition to many residential homes. Whether you are designing a new home or proposing plans for a renovation, a gas fireplace might be the perfect inclusion. Gas fireplaces are cleaner and more efficient than traditional wood fireplaces. Gas fireplaces can provide heat, ambience and a distinct design focal point within any home.

If you are looking at including a gas log fireplace into your home designs, we can assist with:

  • best locations for heat efficiency
  • heating capacity
  • ducts / flue runs
  • removal of brickwork for chimneys
  • new wall installations
  • fireplace models and specifications
Gas log fire installed in living room
Commercial installation of gas log fireplaces

Gas Log Fireplace Advice for Commercial Premises

We can assist with fireplace designs to match your style and requirements, project planning and installation. Enhance the ambience and warmth of your commercial setting with the addition of a gas log fireplace. At Just Gas Log Fires, we offer comprehensive services encompassing design, installation, and maintenance tailored specifically for commercial properties. If you are planning a fit-out or renovation for a commercial property and require assistance, please get in touch. 

We work with all types of commercial properties including:

  • retail outlets
  • restaurants
  • apartment complexes

Gas Log Fireplace Advice for Multi-Residential Dwellings

In addition to residential and commercial properties, we also work with property developers and architects on large-scale multi-residential projects. We have worked on countless multi-residential projects and are happy to assist at any stage of the process.

Contact us for fireplace advice or assistance with:

  • planning and design
  • fireplace models & specifications
  • advice on heating capacity & efficiency
  • installation 
  • assistance in finishing incomplete projects
gas log fires for multi residential properties
Gas log fireplace with contemporary design

Understanding Fireplace Specifications

You need to take a number of factors into consideration when selecting the type of fireplace which you want.  This applies to homes, commercial and residential properties. There are hundreds of fireplaces on the market, and selecting the right one can be a time-consuming process. This is due to the designs  and technical specifications of different gas log fireplaces. We are here to help you with some gas fireplace ideas. 

We can help refine and select the best gas fireplace model for your plans including:

  • indoor or outdoor options
  • single sided and double sided fireplace designs
  • the design: luxury, contemporary, traditional and more
  • built-in vs freestanding
  • flue vs flueless designs
  • size
  • heat output
  • efficiency
  • viewable flame area
  • and more!

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