Fireplace Installations In Melbourne

Our team of  licensed gas fireplace installers provide installation for homes throughout the Melbourne area. We provide full-service installations ranging from consultation, interior design and installation to service and maintenance. Our end to end service means you’ll be enjoying your fully finished gas log fireplace in no time! 

Gas Log Fire Installation

Gas log fires are a niche category of heating systems. It is essential to acquire experienced specialists to install a gas log fire unit. Just Gas Log Fires takes care of everything you need to get your gas log fireplace working quickly and reliably. From replacing an existing fireplace to adding a new gas log fire to your home – or property development or commercial premises. We install all types of fireplaces including single sided, double sided, free standing, inbuilt and outdoor models. Conveniently located to service Melbourne and surrounds, we’re here to help. If you have a fireplace in mind or you’re looking for advice, talk to our team of design experts.

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Gas Fireplace Installations in an Existing Chimney

Changing an existing chimney to a gas log fireplace is an increasingly popular home improvement among Melbourne homeowners. Switching from wood-burning to gas log fireplace reduces the constant upkeep of acquiring logs and cleaning the fireplace.  In addition to the advantage of lower upkeep, gas fireplace designs have come a long way in depicting real flames.

 gas fireplace installation for an existing chimney

Single-Sided Gas Log Fireplace Installation

Installing a gas log fireplace will create a luxurious and sophisticated atmosphere for your space. If you want to recreate the charming effects of a wood fireplace or you want a centrepiece, single-sided fireplaces are a perfect choice.

With a range of different designs, sizes and brands, they also make a great choice for small spaces or smaller homes.

Regardless of what space or size you have to play with, speak to our design consultants. They will help you select the fireplace that is most suited to your needs.

 single sided gas log fireplace installation melbourne

Double-Sided Gas Fireplace Installation

A see-through, double-sided fireplace option makes for a dramatic partition and is a great way to separate two spaces. See-through fireplaces look great, but they can also heat two living zones at once, making them efficient and effective. Our licensed fireplace installers are experienced in installing a number of different brands of fireplaces. So, no matter which make or model you decide on, our experts can assist with the installation requirements.

 double sided gas fireplace installation melbourne

Commercial Gas Log Fireplaces

Along with private residential fireplace installations, Just Gas Log Fires also provides full installation services for commercial properties. This includes retail outlets, restaurants and apartment complexes and many more. Contact us today to discuss your commercial premises and your fireplace design or installation requirements.

 commercial fireplace installation melbourne

Multi-Residential Fireplace Installations

We have also worked with countless property developers and architectures on large scale multi-residential projects. The projects we’ve worked on have been in various stages of development. Whether it’s from start to finish or midway to finish an incomplete job, we’ve done it. Our experts will be able to make every residential space feel like home. Contact us today about your installation needs.

 multi residential fireplace installation melbourne

Our experienced team of gas log fire installers in Melbourne will provide your home with the best installation results that protect the longevity of your gas log fireplace. Talk to a specialist today and see how you can create the perfect atmosphere for your living space. 


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