Stoke Gas Fire Installation Showroom

Newly opened Gas fire installation show room will show you exactly what is possible for both home and commercial gas fire installations. The installation was performed on behalf of Stoke and the showroom has now an extensive display and a variety of choices in gas fire installation to cater for every need and taste.

Installation was performed on behalf of:
Stoke Gas Fire Installation Specialists
Stoke Fireplace Studio,

202 Grange Road,
This commercial installation of twenty gas and wood fireplaces from the Escea range of fireplaces.    Escea  fireplaces are the foremost leader in fireplaces on the market .  Approximate time for installation is around  two weeks for all fireplaces.
Stoke Gas fires specialise in Illusions fireplaces, Escea fireplaces & Jetmaster fireplaces. Should you have your own gas fire place you would like installed, we provide a gas fireplace installation service throughout Melbourne and can help you design, plan and suggest the best possible solution to your heating requirements whether it be commercial or residential we are the experts. We have been installing gas fireplaces in Melbourne for many years and through our experience you can save a lot time and trouble by relying on our expertise to guide you through any pitfalls they may be. It will usually take us two weeks to install your gas fire depending on the installation, we may have to build or perform a an internal alteration which may take a little longer.
Remember we can provide gas fire advice or gas fire installation pricing without any obligation what so ever. You can view our full range of services here
What ever your requirements in Gas Fire Installation get in contact, we will be happy to help