While gas fireplaces are known to be extremely efficient, it’s important to remember that they still need to be serviced annually to ensure safe operation. If you’re a homeowner with a gas fireplace, you likely know the importance of regular maintenance to ensure safe and efficient operation. However, you may be unsure how often you should have your gas fireplace serviced.

Why do gas fireplaces need to be serviced?

Gas fireplaces need to be maintained and serviced for many reasons. Ignoring gas fireplace maintenance can lead to potential hazards like gas leaks, carbon monoxide poisoning, and even fires. Here are three reasons why it is important to have your gas fireplace serviced at least once a year by a qualified technician to prevent such risks and ensure the appliance’s longevity.

Wear and tear

Fireplace maintenance and service ensure that you have both a reliable and efficient fireplace in your home. Some of the signs that point to needing a service include:

  • A popping noise
  • A flickering flame
  • A fan that doesn’t work properly
  • Any abnormal issues that occur when trying to ignite the flame

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, it’s time to call one of our experts.

Remove buildup

As you continue to use your gas log fire, there will be an inevitable buildup of dust and other debris. Over time, the ceramic logs used to keep your home warm will break down and fall into the nooks of your fireplace. This will result in the clogging of vents, which can cause serious damage if left untouched.


To ensure there is proper ventilation in and around your home, it’s important to have the chimney thoroughly checked as well. If ventilation is not checked, you could be risking carbon monoxide exposure. 

The signs of carbon monoxide may include strange smells or sounds coming from the fireplace, difficulty starting or keeping the flame lit, and visible soot or debris in or around the fireplace. By recognising these signs, homeowners can avoid potential hazards and prolong the life of their gas fireplaces.

Who services gas fireplaces?

When looking for someone to help you service your fireplace, it’s important to hire trained and qualified professionals. This will ensure your service is done safely and properly and will give you the peace of mind you need to be comfortable in your home. Unless you are a trained professional, we do not recommend attempting to service your own gas fireplace. 

Typically, a gas fireplace service includes a thorough cleaning of the fireplace and its components, checking for any gas leaks or blockages, and ensuring the unit is operating at optimal efficiency. A qualified technician can provide advice on proper use and maintenance, such as how to clean the fireplace glass and when to replace the batteries in remote controls.

Servicing a gas fireplace in Melbourne

Our highly qualified team offer comprehensive gas fireplace servicing for Melbourne homeowners to ensure their comfort and safety. Our team has years of experience in fireplace service and repair and can help ensure your fireplace is running smoothly. Speak with our experts today to schedule your gas fireplace servicing and enjoy a cosy and safe winter season.