While gas fireplaces are known to be extremely efficient, it’s important to remember that they still need to be serviced annually. We know it can be easy to get caught up with life and forget to do so, however, fireplace maintenance is crucial to the longevity of your fireplace and the safety of your home. 

Why do you need to service your gas fireplace?

Gas fireplaces need to be maintained and serviced for many reasons. Easily overlooked, leaving maintenance and service for too long could result in serious (and costly) issues later down the track. Here are three reasons you should seriously consider servicing your gas fireplace.

Wear and tear

Fireplace maintenance and service ensure that you have both a reliable and efficient fireplace in your home. Some of the signs that point to needing a service include:

  • A popping noise
  • A flickering flame
  • A fan that doesn’t work properly
  • Any abnormal issues that occur when trying to ignite the flame

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, it’s time to call one of our experts.

Remove buildup

As you continue to use your gas fireplace, the buildup of dust and other debris is inevitable. Over time, the ceramic logs that you use to keep your home warm break down and fall into the nooks of your fireplace. This results in the clogging of vents, which can cause serious damage if left untouched.


To ensure there is proper ventilation in and around the home, it’s important to have the chimney thoroughly checked as well. If not done so, you could be risking exposure to carbon monoxide in the home.

Who can help you service your gas fireplace?

When looking for someone to help you service your fireplace, it’s important to hire trained and qualified professionals. This will ensure your service is done safely and properly and will give you the peace of mind you need to be comfortable in your home. Unless you are a trained professional, we do not recommend attempting to service your own gas fireplace.

Servicing a gas fireplace in Melbourne

Our highly qualified team here at Just Gas Log Fireplaces are here to provide you with a professional service to clean your fireplace. Speak with our experts today to see how we can help you.