With the advancement of recent technologies, gas fireplaces have slowly started replacing their traditional existing fireplaces in the home. As an easy, convenient addition, they’ve become extremely popular – specifically in modern homes. We know there are so many questions surrounding gas fireplaces, and our team of professionals can give you the answers you’re looking for. 

On the fence about making your purchase because you’re not sure whether gas fireplaces add value to your home or not? We’ve got your answers.

Wondering how a gas fireplace can actually add value to your home? Here are 4 ways it can.

Low maintenance

Gas fireplaces make for an easy operation. With the addition of one, you’ll be able to enjoy a cosy night at home without the need to continuously use firewood and brush away the remaining ashes. Say goodbye to buying and chopping wood to keep warm, and to regular cleaning!


Gas fireplaces come in various designs and styles, giving you a wide range of options to choose from. The addition of a fireplace in the living room allows for a modern interior, adds a focal point, and creates a break between any surrounding bold colours. Creating a stylish fireplace in the living room area can also add monetary value to your home, so if you plan on selling to potential home buyers in the future, you would be able to increase the sale price. 

Child and pet-safe

Gas fireplaces offer a safe solution for those with children and pets at home. Gas fireplaces have no open flames, removing the issue of fly-away sparks entirely. They also burn natural gas, meaning that your kids and animals won’t be inhaling toxic fumes at home.

Not reliant on electricity

Installing a fireplace in the home means that if there is a power outage, you and your family will still have light and warmth. A massive benefit of gas fireplaces is that they allow you to stay prepared and safe in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Speak with the experts

Our friendly team at Just Gas Log Fires have over 20 years of experience. With an abundance of knowledge, they’ll be able to help you determine whether a gas fireplace is the best solution for your home. To ensure the complete safety of your family and friends and have complete peace of mind, get in contact with us today.