When it comes to fireplace design, there is no rival when it comes to the luxurious double-sided gas fireplace. Discover seamless design with the dual-sided fireplace elegantly partitioning your living space.


Considerations before buying?

We can help you answer all your questions regarding the installation of dual-sided fireplaces. Some things to keep in mind before you commit to making a purchase:


  • What level of heat output are you requiring?
    What are your room dimensions, will it fit a dual-sided fireplace?
  • If you are looking to install a vented fireplace we can help you determine the optimal position for gas piping and maximum heat output.
  • Would you like your fireplace to be built into a wall or for it to stand in the middle of your room?
  • Are you looking to mount an entertainment system such as television above the fireplace?
  • What is your budget?

Double-sided gas fireplaces we have installed in Melbourne homes

The double-sided gas fireplace is adored by many for its ability to create ambient and warm living spaces. We chose our top 3 picks for double-sided gas installations that we have completed recently.

The first was a three-sided Mode Peninsula fireplace installed in this modern Ivanhoe home. The stone surround integrates with the contemporary room aesthetic. The room colour palette is a mix of greys and whites.

The second is this lovely installation in Carlton of the Escea DS1150 which sits under the television unit in the living room. The lovely emerald green wall works in combination with the two-way fireplace’s stone finishing and the wooden textures in the room.

Our third pick is this splendid double-sided Escea gas fireplace, the DS1400. This gas fire sits in the middle of the room. It is simple in design and peacefully coexists without disrupting the zen of the room.

Benefits of a double-sided gas fireplace?

Double-sided gas fireplaces are fantastic for five primary reasons:

  1. Modern and simplistic in design.
  2. Heat economy -As they are usually positioned in between to rooms or spaces double-sided gas fireplaces can heat two rooms simultaneously.
  3. Energy efficiency – Heat medium to large-sized rooms efficiently due to central positioning.
  4. They can add value to your property.

We’d love to chat with you further about how we can help make your double-sided gas fireplace idea come true!

If you are looking for inspiration, our fireplace installation showroom in Alphington displays a myriad of high-efficiency gas fireplaces in a contemporary style, complete with furnishing. Make an enquiry today and our design consultants will work with you to create the modern look that you desire.