Outdoor gas fireplaces are increasingly becoming a must-have in Melbourne homes as an alternative to wood-burning fireplaces. Not only do gas fires create added value to your home, but they are the perfect way to utilise your outdoor living space throughout the year.

Whether you’re wanting to entertain all year round or are simply wanting to end your day in front of a fire, an outdoor gas fireplace is the perfect addition to your home.

Things to Consider When Installing an Outdoor Fireplace

With a range of options to choose from, deciding on what outdoor fireplace will be best suited for your home can be confusing.

Some things to consider for your outdoor fireplace include:

  • Purpose – what do you want to use it for?
  • Location and size – have you considered what fireplace will suit your outdoor space?
  • Design – do you want your fireplace to be a focal point of your home?
  • Structures – will you need any existing or new structures to support the fireplace?
  • Safety – do you need to do anything else to make sure it is safe?

You will need to consider what you want to use your fireplace for. Some outdoor fireplaces are best-suited for cooking (toasted marshmallows, anyone?), while others are better for outdoor entertaining and keeping you warm on a cold, winter night.

Your choice of fireplace may be limited due to the size of your backyard and proximity to other structures, including your home, sheds, or plants. We recommend speaking to your local council prior to deciding on a fireplace, as in some circumstances, your desired fireplace will not be suitable for the area you live in. In some cases, a foundation or supporting structure may need to be laid or built to install the fireplace. As with an indoor fireplace, make sure you understand any safety requirements.

If you have any questions on these considerations, we’re here to help.

Benefits of an Outdoor Gas Fireplace

The benefits of an outdoor gas fireplace are endless. Some of the main benefits, as opposed to other outdoor fire options, are:

  • You can turn it on and off with a flick of a switch, which makes the igniting and cleaning process easy.
  • Gas fireplaces don’t have a post-fire smell. 
  • The flames don’t produce a spark or produce hot embers, so it is the perfect option for families. 
  • Gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel.

    Process of Installing An Outdoor Gas Fireplace

    If you are wanting to install an outdoor fireplace, this is what you can expect the process to entail:

    1. A discussion with your local council
    2. Deciding on what gas fireplace is right for you – this includes design elements (a consultant can help you with the design and planning)
    3. The purchase of your fireplace
    4. A professional fireplace installer will need to be contacted
    5. Building of any required foundations and/or supporting structures
    6. The installation of your outdoor fireplace

    By contacting your local council prior to buying your fireplace, you can learn about if there are any rules or regulations that you need to be aware of. Your council will want to know whether your outdoor fireplace will bother your neighbours, how close it is to surrounding elements (plants and/or property) and what fuel is going to be used.

    When you are planning the design of your outdoor fireplace, keep in mind that professionals can assist you in choosing a model that suits your needs and home. Our team is experienced in guiding Melbourne customers through this process and can help you with all your questions relating to style, trends and installation.

    Once you have selected and purchased your fireplace, you need to arrange for installation. Particularly for outdoor gas fires, you want to contact a specialist. The specialist will then oversee the process of ensuring the necessary foundations and supporting structures are in place, through to the final installation.

    Escea EF5000 – Outdoor Gas Fireplaces

    The Escea EF5000 is one of the best outdoor gas fireplaces on the market.  Not only does the Escea EF5000 have a maximum heat output of 16.5kW, so you can stay warm throughout winter, but it can be turned on/off with the flick of a switch.

    As the EF5000 is open-fronted, you will not need a flue (lining of a masonry chimney), which makes it extremely easy to install. It also has a zero-clearance rating, so the fireplace can be installed easily into a number of materials.

    If you’re lacking an existing structure or wall in which it can be installed, we can arrange a stainless steel frame to be installed and all the required fastenings. It is also customisable to suit your home’s design. So whether you prefer your outdoor fireplace to be frameless or if you like the look of a traditional fireplace (but still want the convenience of gas), there’s an option to suit your individual taste.

    Outdoor Gas Fireplaces Melbourne

    At Just Gas Log Fires, we can help you determine what  outdoor gas fireplace is right for you and your space. After partnering with Stoke Fireplace Studio, we can assist you with the design, planning and installation process of fireplace. Contact us today.

    We’d love to chat with you further about how an Outdoor Gas Fireplace can work for your space!

    We recommend visiting our Melbourne showroom if you would like to see the beautiful Escea EF5000 in person. Our friendly staff will be able to answer any design, planning and installation questions you may have on outdoor fireplaces.