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About Escea

Escea is a leading brand of gas fires, and offers gas heater and fireplaces that will suit any home in Melbourne. Highly efficient, innovative and beautiful, Escea gas log fires are perfect for indoor or outdoor use and can be installed anywhere in the home. Just Gas Log Fires have partnered with our sister company, Stoke Fireplace Studio, to continue to install the full range of Escea fireplaces and to get it to you sooner. 

Escea Fireplaces

Looking for a new fireplace, but not quite sure where to start? We have a range of Escea gas fireplaces aimed at suiting a variety of different homes. Whether you are looking for a traditional fireplace, a fireplace that allows you to entertain or a fireplace with a high star efficiency rating, there is an Escea fireplace aimed at suiting your needs!

Escea Single-Sided Fireplaces

Our single-sided Escea fireplaces are the ideal alternative to traditional, wood fires. Our range of single-sided fires vary in size and flexibility, allowing complete design freedom.

escea df700 single fronted gas fireplace

Escea DF700 High Output Gas Fireplace

If you are looking for a small, yet highly efficient fireplace, the Escea DF700 is the perfect choice for your home. 
escea df960 single fronted gas fireplace

Escea DF960 High Output Gas Fireplace

The minimalist frame and large glass window of the beautiful Escea DF960 allows you to admire the flames, even in the most sizable of rooms. 
escea dl850 single fronted gas fireplace

Escea DL850 High Efficiency Gas Fireplace

The Escea DL850 has a 4.5-star efficiency rating, so you can keep your fireplace running all winter-long. 
escea dl1100 single fronted gas fireplace

Escea DL1100 High Efficiency Gas Fireplace

The Escea DL1100 has a heat output of 10.4kW, so it can heat even the most sizable of rooms. Plus, it has a 5-star efficiency rating, so it is completely guilt-free. 

Escea Double-Sided Fireplaces

Escea double-sided fireplaces can warm two rooms at once, while also acting as a focal point in your home – this makes them a popular design option. All the Escea DS fires have increased energy efficiency and heat economy, while still being high performing.

escea ds1150 double sided gas log fireplace

Escea DS1150 Double Sided Gas Fireplace

Wanting a fireplace has the ability to heat multiple rooms and can also act as a feature piece in your home? Then, the Escea DS1150 is the perfect heating solution for your home.
escea ds1400 double sided gas log fireplace

Escea DS1400 Double Sided Gas Fireplace

The Escea DS1400 is completely frameless, making it the ideal fireplace for minimalistic homes. 
escea ds1650 double sided gas log fireplace

Escea DS1650 Double Sided Gas Fireplace

This gas fireplace may be super slim, but it packs a punch. Delivering 10.5kW of heat, the Escea DS1650 is perfect for large spaces. 

Escea Outdoor Fireplaces

An outdoor gas fireplace is a popular alternative to an outdoor wood burning fireplace.
Outdoor fires allow you to entertain all year round and gives you the ability to
bring people together. It can be installed without a flue, straight into either a
timber-framed or masonry cavity, ensuring great design flexibility.

escea ef5000 outdoor gas fireplace

Escea EF5000 Outdoor Gas Fireplace

Looking for an outdoor fireplace that allows you to entertain all year round? The Escea EF5000 has a heat output of 16.5kW, ensuring you and your guests will stay warm throughout the seasons. 

Learn more about the different types of Escea fireplaces Just Gas Log Fires offers.

Escea Gas Fireplaces Supply & Installation

Escea fireplaces can be installed throughout Melbourne with Just Gas Log Fires through our partnership with Stoke Fireplace Studio. This partnership ensures that we are readily supplied and able to install your Escea in your home, project site or commercial property.

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