When it comes to creating a modern fireplace design, it’s important to consider the functionality of your fireplace, the aesthetic you are seeking, the positioning of the fireplace and how it will fit in your existing or new home.

At Just Gas Log Fires we have five types of modern fireplace ideas that would make a terrific addition to your home.

1. Double-sided Fireplaces as a Room Divider

When it comes to modern fireplace design, this newcomer is in high demand. Double-sided fireplaces have transparent sides which means they can be used as a feature to divide rooms without losing the feeling of open space. 

These sleek and versatile fireplaces can involve the creation of a fabricated wall to partition two rooms. Their most convenient feature is that they can hear two rooms at one time. A double-sided fireplace would make a great addition to large open-plan living spaces and modern homes.

Wooden double sided fireplace design dividing room

2. Outdoor Fireplaces

An outdoor gas fireplace is a popular choice for your backyard or courtyard. These fireplaces can be used year-round, making your guests want to stay longer as they relax in the ambient warmth of an outdoor fireplace. Not to mention, these units can double up as cooking stations which can be transformed into pizza ovens and barbeque grills. Due to its duality, the outdoor fireplace is a great option for both entertainment and relaxation.

Outdoor gas fireplace

3. Fireplace Mantels

Fireplace design is not just about the fire itself, it’s also about the surrounding elements which means we can’t forget about fireplace mantels. There are two ways to approach the decorative elements of a modern fireplace, you either aim for a traditional mantel composed of brick, stone or wood, or you take the modern route and make the mantel as sleek and simple as possible. For example, your fireplace design could use a wooden block to serve as the mantel or include different colours to separate the fireplace from your wall.

Modern grey fireplace mantel against black wall

4. Stone Fireplaces

Stone fireplaces are elegant and incorporate the principles of modern fireplace design. You’ve probably come across gas log fireplaces that feature the illusion of burning wood, but we also design fireplaces using coal as the fuel bed which gives it the appearance of stones. You have the option of coal in white, or darker earthier tones. Built with an exceptionally modern facade, stone fireplaces can be integrated into the wider appearance of the room and may be furnished in marble, stone and other smooth reflective surfaces.

Wooden interior wall and stone gas fireplace design at the Just Log Gas Fires showroom

5. Freestanding Fireplaces

Better known as the ‘freestander’, these fireplaces are not conventionally considered modern in design, but we couldn’t help giving them a mention. Freestanding gas fireplaces are practical for small wall spaces and can be used as an effective replacement for freestanding wood burners. The freestander is often seen as a go-to option because there is no cleaning required.

Freestanding black gas fireplace

At Just Gas Log Fires we are the experts in modern fireplace design and planning.

If you are looking for further modern gas fireplace ideas, our fireplace installation showroom in Alphington displays a variety of high-efficiency modern gas fireplaces, complete with furnishing. Make an enquiry today and our design consultants will work with you to create the modern look that you desire.