Camberwell Luxury Penthouse with Stone Double-sided Fireplace as a Room Divider

This project has to be one of our favourites at Just Gas Log Fires when it comes to luxury living room design because the double-sided fireplace is being used as a division between two magnificent living spaces.

The luxury gas fireplace preserves the panoramic window with the translucent glass and the decision to build the fireplace to only halfway to the full home ceiling. The beautiful stone fireplace integrates seamlessly with the stone floor. Looking at the beautiful Melbourne sunset as it reflects on the fireplace reminds us that there is no place like home.

Aspendale Beach-side Residence with Ceiling High Fireplace and TV Unit

The luxury gas fireplace is designed as a centrepiece to this living area in Aspendale with the TV unit sitting comfortably above the fireplace.

This entertainment system arrangement allows the homeowner to enjoy not only majestic views of the coastal beach but to relax with the warmth of the fireplace whilst enjoying their favourite program.

Whilst the fireplace will be most popular in the colder months during the Melbourne winter, the stone and marble detailing makes it aesthetically pleasing. The highly cubic design makes simplicity incredibly appealing.

Half Wall Living Room Gas Log Fireplace with Entertainment System

What we find unique about this fireplace design is that the TV sits next to the fireplace with the dark chestnut wood texture interlacing with the charcoal finish.

The entertainment unit stands tall with the stone-pebble gas fireplace breathing warmth into the living room. At Just Gas Log Fires, we are able to build artificial walls to help you complete the look you are seeking for your home, project or property. We can provide you with architectural advice for your new fireplace, ensuring maximum efficiency and comfort.

At Just Gas Log Fires we are the experts in luxury gas fireplace design.

If you are looking for inspiration, our fireplace installation showroom in Alphington displays a myriad of high-efficiency gas fireplaces in a contemporary style, complete with furnishing. Make an enquiry today and our design consultants will work with you to create the modern look that you desire.