If you’re thinking about installing a gas fireplace in your home, you’re not alone. As time goes on, gas fireplaces are becoming tremendously popular for multiple reasons – they’re cost-effective, easy to use, stylish, safe for the kids, provide constant warmth, and much more. 

Whether you’re in need of a new install or you’re looking to insert a gas fireplace into an existing structure (such as your chimney), flexible flue technology has been designed to make the installation of your gas fireplace easy. When it comes to gas fireplaces, the possibilities are endless.

What is a flue?

A gas fireplace flue is generally either a pipe, a duct, or an opening in a chimney that allows carbon monoxide to escape without losing any heat. It has become a must in homes with fireplaces and is used to ensure that no deadly gases (such as carbon monoxide) are inhaled. These poisonous gases are created from burning wood, and are odourless and tasteless, meaning you won’t even realise that they’re around.

What are the different types of flues?

There are many different types of flues. Generally, you can determine the one you have (if you have one) just by looking at your roof. These include: 

  • Chimneys
  • Balanced flues
  • Pre-cast flues
  • Pre-fabricated flues

While there is a wide variety, it’s important to ensure you choose the correct flue system for complete safety in the home. 

Do you need a flue?

Questioning whether you need a gas fireplace flue is quite common. However, the short answer is yes. A gas fireplace flue is a necessity to ensure complete safety within the home and works to effectively remove (if any) poisonous gases that we inhale. A flue works to let air escape from the inside to the outside of the home and ensures the air within the home is of good quality.

We recommend looking at Stoke’s Escea DS1900 Single Sided Gas Fireplace. With a 5-star rating, this gas fireplace is both stylish and efficient and can be installed anywhere in the home, depending on your wants and needs.

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