Escea fireplaces are a favourite for Melbournians because they are modern in design, flexible in installation and highly versatile. At Just Gas Log Fires, we often receive requests to install Escea gas fires, both indoors and outdoors so we wanted to give a walkthrough of the ones we have installed within Melbournian homes.

DS Series: Escea DS1650 Double-Sided

The fantastic DS Series is made by our friends in New Zealand. It provides a small eco-footprint but has some serious power behind it.

The benefit of this DS Series is that the DS1150, DS1400, DS1650 and DS1900 have flexible flue and powered vent technology which allows you to have greater choice in positioning your fireplace as you can run your flue in any direction as required.

Even better, installation of a DS Series gas heater doe not require a wall to set up your DS Series Escea gas fire which means you could position it in the middle of your room.

Have a look at this stellar setup in this luxurious Camberwell penthouse just as the sun is setting! This beautiful double-sided DS1650 sure knows how to make a good impression. Made even better with marble surround and the transparent glass partition.

Escea DF700 Perfect for Retroffiting Victorian Homes

There’s nothing quite like an Escea from the DF Series (DF700, DF960, DF990) which is an independent line of Esceas that are single-sided and once again are made in New Zealand. The smaller dimensions of these gas heaters make it great for retrofitting and to replace existing wood burners where an existing hollow space survives.

Beyond that, the DF Series is a perfect addition to any space due to form and function. Firstly the flexible flue technology means you do not need an existing space or wall to install.

Our design consultants can act as your personal Escea architectural advisor giving you the confidence to transform your living space.

We believe in complete design freedom and that’s what the DF Series is made for, great as fireplace inserts in traditional homes but versatile also as modern additions.

Check out this DF700 in a traditional home in Ivanhoe. Our client was very happy with the option to repurpose an existing chimney for a modern Escea. Gas fireplaces can also add to the value of your property.

Escea DF960 Single-Sided

The DF960 is also part of the DF Series, we absolutely love how it looks in this home in Brighton. This Escea sits nicely in the living room with its high output capacity able to create the perfect temperature in your cosy abode.

We’d love to chat with you further about how an Escea gas fireplace can work for your space.

If you are looking for inspiration, our fireplace installation showroom in Alphington displays a myriad of high-efficiency gas fireplaces in a contemporary style, complete with furnishing. Make an enquiry today.